Your diabetes puts your eyesight at great risk..

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Diabetes damages and destroys eyesight. Elevated and uncontrolled sugars damage the tiny nerve and blood vessels that supply oxygen and blood to the eye. In short, the weakened blood vessels burst and thereby reduce vision leading to loss of sight and blindness too. In this episode, I talk about my own sight & its ongoing care as well as discussing the case of a friend whose sight was severely damaged. The object being to highlight and illustrate the dangers of type2 diabetes as it lays hidden for years and years wreaking havoc on your vital organs. Please, make sure you take this information onboard to prevent and pre-empt any lasting damage to your eyes. In the case of ones eyes, prevention is the very best solution that one has available to oneself. Please visit my page by clicking on the loin below, accept my free 25 page gift and start your brand new life today ..

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