Ep. 25: Manish Shrivastava, Co-founder, Travel Commerce Solutions

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Jon Howell, Aviation Specialist at Bench events, recently met with Manish Shrivastava, Co-founder, Travel Commerce Solutions.

Manish is a trainer for IATA and has over 15 years of travel industry experience. Travel Commerce Solutions are developing e-commerce solutions for the travel industry. They aim to assist airlines to achieve product differentiation and portfolio optimisation whilst elevating customer experience and loyalty. He will also be running a workshop at AVIADEV 2016 - please visit http://www.aviationdevelop.com for more.

Manish and the team are specifically interested in the African market, due to the way the market is developing. The transport infrastructure is not overly well developed on the continent and therefore, air connectivity will play a huge part in future mobility.

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