Seasons Are Uncertain: Follow the Market to Sell Your Home

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Don’t look to the seasons for when to sell—look to the market. What is the best season for selling your house? The quick answer is: none of them. The best time could be any time of year, but it’s always when inventory is low and there is still a high demand from buyers. Keeping up with the current market is vital. If you’re in a price range with 100 comparable homes for sale in your area when there are usually around 50, it might be best to wait. Seasons do have some influence—buyers are looking around in the summer and spring while in the fall, people are looking for a new-year home. The good thing is, people are moving to the Carolinas all year long. People often wait to sell in the spring, meaning lower inventory during other seasons. This is when we sell. Other companies often slow down during the winter months, while we speed up and sell many homes in the fall and winter seasons. We find that a lot of buyers say the same thing: “There’s no inventory, I’m just going to wait until spring.” There’s no need to wait, as we can connect those buyers directly to the sellers. All it takes is putting homes up for sale in the late fall. “The good thing is, people are moving to the Carolinas all year long.” I’ve helped countless homeowners take advantage of these opportune times, and I’m more than happy to help you as well with the home selling process. Please contact me if you would like my guidance, have any questions, or would simply like some information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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