Andy Nallappan – Vice President and CIO of the Global Information Services Division at Broadcom

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Increasing value while driving down costs can be an elusive objective for many IT executives, but not for Andy Nallappan. As VP & CIO of Broadcom, he's delivered disruptive innovation to his company's 18,000 employees at over 80 locations worldwide, and he's done it with an IT spend that's just 1% of revenue, while his industry's standard is as high as 3.5%. Utilizing automation, AI, & other technologies, Andy has focused relentlessly on a delivery model of faster, cheaper, better. In the process, he's "liberated" his 800 IT employees from doing mundane tasks so they could contribute to Broadcom at a higher level. On this episode of Intelligent Automation Radio, Andy shares with us the challenges of IT keeping the lights on while integrating newly acquired companies, the most important skills needed to effectively automate IT operations, and why automation needs to be treated like a journey rather than a one-time thing.

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