E24-B2B Hair Salon Owner Interview – Dario Cotroneo

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In this industry interview Neil talks with Dario Cotroneo, owner of Public Salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, where he’s as a sought-after stylist and commands $400+ for a haircut. Dario is also Director of DCI Education and as a multi award-winning educator, he’s built a global reputation as one of the most inspiring educators in the hairdressing industry.

Dario shares some amazing insights into his experiences working with sales reps in Europe, when he marketed his own styling tool. In addition, he also shares some intriguing experiences about dealing with reps calling on his Darlinghurst salon in Sydney. This is an interview that’s not to be missed.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Learn the expectations of salon owners at the premium end of the salon industry
  • How busy salon owners think of reps
  • Dario’s experiences of working with a rep in Europe and how they got into a salon he was told wasn’t open to an appointment
  • How to respect and understand high profile salon owners who’ve created a unique business
  • Thoughts about your behaviour from a salon owner’s perspective

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