Philippe Vié – Group Leader Energy, Utilities and Chemicals at Capgemini

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The Energy, Utilities and Chemicals industries are vital to our everyday lives today, & the digital world of tomorrow. Futurists envision amazing new technological capabilities that will rely heavily on these sectors. Yet these industries currently face so many challenges, there's growing concern about their ability to keep pace with expectations. Enter Philippe Vié, Capgemini's Group Leader for Energy, Utilities and Chemicals. As an industry thought leader, Philippe advises many of the biggest Energy, Utilities and Chemicals players on how intelligent automation can accelerate their digital transformation. Recently, his Capgemini team published a report which found that the energy and utilities sector could realize $237 to $813 billion of cost savings if it were to implement intelligent automation in its target processes at scale. Philippe shares with us a number of insights from this report, along with the revelation that intelligent automation can not only cut costs for organizations, but also generate new revenue streams.

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