Robert H. Brown - Vice President of the Center for the Future of Work

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How do you envision the future of work? More utopian or more dystopian? Are we destined for a scenario where robots do all the work, leaving our biggest challenge to be deciding what to do with our abundance of leisure time? Or are we doomed to experience massive social unrest owing to the multitudes of unemployed displaced by those same robots? As any good lawyer will tell you, the answer depends. While we don’t retain attorneys to help us divine what lies ahead, we do rely on futurists like Robert H. Brown to produce educated predictions. As Vice-President of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Robert leads a team that’s articulated a fascinating picture of that future based on extensive research and global insights. We delve into some of his team’s findings, which turn out to be neither utopian nor dystopian. Along the way we’ll discover why despite rapid advances in AI, Automation, and other technologies, the key to being gainfully employed in the future of work, might just come down to being a better human.

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