Tony Saldanha - President of Transformant & former VP, Global Business Services for Procter & Gamble

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The failure rate for digital transformations range anywhere from 70% to as high 84%, depending on which global management consulting firm you believe. For an undertaking so vital to an enterprise's long-term viability, and where failure shouldn't even be an option, these figures are shockingly high. Digital transformation is widely regarded as an exercise in technologically rewiring systems and processes to increase operational efficiencies. Yet the primary reason organizations fail to successfully transition rarely has anything to do with technology. To better understand the dynamics of all this, we turn to the man who wrote the book on the subject, literally. Tony Saldanha authored “Why Digital Transformations Fail” based on his experiences running a highly successful digital transformation at Procter & Gamble, the world’s biggest consumer goods company. In doing so, he not only guided P&G’s reimagining of how its Global Business Services division should operate, but he also developed a 5-stage framework that any company can follow to successfully navigate its own digital transformation. Tony shares many insights with us, including why the ultimate proof of an organization’s success at digital transformation is its cultural, not technical rewiring.

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