E28-B2C Spend-suasion – The client’s comfort curve in your clinic

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Moving deeper into the Spend-suasion model, Neil talks about your client’s comfort level, when they’re in your clinic. He explains how a key tool within the model – called the Client’s Comfort Curve – helps you understand your client’s level of comfort (where and when it happens), as they move through their in-clinic treatment. It also identifies the right time to suggest and recommend.

The Client Comfort Curve helps you visualise what’s going on with your client’s emotions and highlights that when your client first enters the clinic, they can be at a low level of comfort. He also pinpoints that when they come out of the treatment room, they’re also likely to be at a low level of comfort. That’s not the right time to make recommendations.

Neil also shares a simple three-step exercise to secure a 50% increase in acceptance of your recommendations, plus some simple ways to help you identify the right time to reach agreement around other services, without pressure or push.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Increase your awareness of a client’s high’s and low levels of comfort, during their visit
  • A simple 3-step exercise to increase acceptance of your recommendations
  • The best time to recommend and suggest
  • The best time to close or reach agreement to buy
  • How to join a webinar to start the journey of learning the new skill of persuasion
  • Where to join our members only Facebook Group – The Salon + Clinic Hub – to learn, share and celebrate

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