Jim Lindsay - Building From The Feet Up

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Jim Lindsay is a master boot fitter in Aspen. He works at BootTech creating customized boots for skiers. These boots can often make a huge difference in a skiers stance.

Tune in to hear us talk about the importance of a good fit, Jim’s interest in orthotics and biomechanics, and what kind of difference a properly fitted boot can make.


[02:04] Jim says that everyone is (or should be) familiar with the idea that you can change a ski’s performance by changing its angle. Whereas most people believe that if a boot fits comfortably, there is nothing else to consider.

[02:33] Jim says it’s about adapting the boot to fit your unique anatomy.

[04:50] Jim grew up skiing in Wisconsin, then went to a ski academy in Vermont for High School.

[05:10] Once he realized what he wanted to do, he went to school in the summer to learn about orthotics, orthopedics, and biomechanics of the lower extremity.

[05:30] Even though he works at the bottom of a major mountain, he doesn’t get to ski every day of the season.

[05:53] Throughout the 80’s he did boot fittings at the Aspen Highlands. Then he did speciality Orthotics in Aspen under the Gondola, as well as a shop at Snowmass.

[06:35] Once Jim fit someone in a boot, it would improve their skiing significantly.

[07:02] The simple thing of changing someone’s stance can greatly improve their abilities.

[07:45] In the 80’s, boot fitting was primarily focused on comfort.

[12:40] Jim explains his method to fitting different types of boots and what you can do to improve your fit, based on your needs.

[16:00] Jim continues to fit Jason into a boot and discusses the consequences of an ill-fitting boot.

[19:00] Jim’s ski philosophy and how it relates to boot fitting.

[19:50] It’s important to talk to your boot fitter and communicate your needs.


“...Adapting the boot to complement your anatomy and making your angles and the boots angles all fit together.” -Jim Lindsay

“Very often, someone’s needs will determine what type of boot they have.” -JIm Lindsay

“If the first thing your boot fitter does is go through and evaluate a whole bunch of things about your anatomy, instead of asking you what type of terrain you like to ski and what size shoe you wear, that’s a bad sign.” -Jim Lindsay


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