Gabby Menachem – CEO of Loom Systems

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In just about every data center worldwide, there's a lot of experience, expertise, and instinct stored in the brains of the people keeping that data center running. However, the surge in demand for data center services, combined with the increasing complexity of their IT infrastructures, is putting a tremendous burden on their staff. It turns out that while hardware and software may be scalable, people are not. Further exacerbating matters is that previous concerns about the age of the equipment have given way to concerns about data center staff aging faster than the equipment. These converging predicaments are fueling the search for a solution. Enter AIOps, which at its essence is a way to bottle a data center’s tribal knowledge, and supercharge the speed at which it's applied. To learn more about how an enterprise can benefit from AIOps, we turn to Gabby Menachem, CEO of Loom Systems, which publishes an AI solution that predicts IT incidents before they impact operations. Gabby shares with us many specific use cases where AIOps can add both value and competitive advantage to an enterprise. Along the way, we'll learn how AIOps might ultimately allow organizations to reduce the skillset required for some IT positions, how rapid determination of incident root cause can unexpectedly save an organization millions of dollars, and how AIOps can not only cut costs but surprisingly help grow a business.

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