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As a kid growing up in New England I looked to the Bones Brigade & Tommy Guerrero for direction in skating. When the video Bones Brigade came out we were all hooked on this group of skaters doing what they did best having fun riding their skateboards. When I moved to SF in 1996 I would see him around but it wasn’t until about 6 years ago that we connected at a concert he was playing for the SF/Marin Food bank. Its funny to me that I became friends with a guy I idolized as a kid but the more we hang out the more I realized the reason I looked up to him was because he was just a guy riding a skateboard having fun. Tommy is as Real as it gets, his music is amazing and he is huge in Japan, I am not kidding his music is so beloved in Japan.

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Follow @tommyguerrero

Tommy Guerrero may be better known in the world of skateboarding than music. Born in San Francisco, Guerrero joined the skate company Powell Peralta in 1984 and became one of the original members of the legendary "Bones Brigade" team. TG has been playing music since the late 70's with his brother Tony -both raised on a steady diet of DIY punk music/ethos and skateboarding-which informed and shaped the person he is today. Since then, Guerrero has become an accomplished bassist and guitarist with influences as diverse as John Coltrane, Bad brains, Joy division Gabor Szabo and on and on... You can follow his musical career and see where he is playing next or buy his albums at also check out his podcast B.S with Tommy Guerrero

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