Simple as Fat top10 Keto and LCHF tips to lose weight in 2020

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Jon Gaunt has tried every diet in the world and has failed with each one. However now he has created and the weight has fallen off by eating Low Carb High Fat real food.

In this informative and entertaining podcast Jon reveals his top tips to shift that timber in 2020.

His first tip is pretty controversial as he says do NOT go on a diet and do not count calories.

He makes it clear with these 10 tips that what you need is a lifestyle change.

Jon also does not believe you lose weight by exercise, it is what you eat that matters. As Professor Tim Noakes states you can not out run a bad diet.

These weight loss tips are what Jon has learned over the past 24 months from leading experts like Dr Aseem Malhotra, David Unwin, Zoe Harcombe Gary Taubes and Jason Fung to name but a few.

Learn how you can eat real food like bacon and eggs, steak, fish, avocados, and even a curry and a glass of red wine!

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