031: MINDSET MONDAY: Rest and Reset

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No doubt, this has been the hardest and most challenging time for most of us. And really, there's no blueprint for how to properly navigate the difficulties arising at this time as this is so unprecedented. So what can we do? Personally, after going through the initial shock and stress (and denial) for the first few weeks, I've found myself looking at this time as a way to Rest and Reset - mentally, physically, spiritually. To each his/her own of course on how to best handle this time, but just wanted to share some of what's been working for me.

Hit me up on DM to let me know how you're doing and what ways to cope you've found to be effective for you guys.

For the Free Resources I mentioned in the episode, you can head on over to www.antidotebranding.com/downloads to get either or both of the Game-Changing Concept template (for planning your new brand) or the Brand Audit Worksheet (to assess how things are with your current brand). Feel free to message me for any questions as you go through the worksheets too!

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