#156 Change can happen in a moment - A conscious conversation with Davey Rowe 

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Take a very real journey through the life of one man, Davey Rowe, and deep inner stories that drove him from very humble beginnings in the north east of England, to building one of WA’s premier Air Conditioning Company’s Vortech, to seeing the company fold but then reemerging from the ashes to build the EQ Wellness Centre in Wangara.

This is a truly fascinating story on so many levels that packed full of life’s golden nuggets – going out into the world as a young man, building a multi-million-dollar business, the highs and lows of life’s journey and opening up to yourself and unleashing the beauty and power within.

Again, the extra depth of this conversation is Davey’s recognition of the deep stories at a belief level that he took on board as a child that drove him to all his successes but then passed its ‘use by date’ and became the major factor in his undoing.

Davey is a very open, honest and lovable man who has done ‘the work’ within, which makes this such and an approachable and powerful conversation.

For the listener, in addition to being drawn into Davey’s journey you will be challenged to consider the stories that lie deep within yourself.

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