#159 A safe space to get curious about the Great Unseen - A conscious conversation with Alison Jarred

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I enjoyed a conscious conversation with Alison Jarred, Founder of Conscious Unity Foundation and Co-Creator of Damanhur in Australia.

Alison shares her view on the world currently through the lens of her 30 years of dedicated study of esoteric knowledge and practice for the purpose for assisting the evolutionary shift towards “unity consciousness”.

Alison puts forward that we are currently being forced to go within ourselves as we are entering a collective ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ that will open us up further to connecting and processing the energy that surrounds us.

While the conversation is far ranging, covering so many fascinating perceptions and explanations, it also serves as safe space for others to recognise and legitimise many of the unseen or ‘not so normal’ experiences that happen to so many of us but of which we simply don’t speak about for fear of ridicule.

This isn’t just about sitting on the edges offering quasi sage advice. As you will find further in the conversation, Alison, and the people she practises with, have a mission and a very practical and forward thinking approach the use of this knowledge to bring about change in the world on an energetic level.

For the listener, you can feel Alison’s wealth of experience as she clearly and articulately explains many of the unseen forces that many of us are experiencing currently.

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