#162 Slow the world the fuck down – a conscious conversation with Suzanne Waldron

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This week I welcome back previous guest Suzanne Waldron – straight-talking behavioural facilitator, TedX Perth Curator and artist.

This is a far-ranging conversation offering a number of perspectives of the world we now live in.

Among the many things we go into are:

  • Looking into the illusions of life that we’ve all being buying into
  • The need to slow the world the fuck down from the previous rush, need to know, constant doing and selling
  • The invitation to become more ‘human’ and sit with that – shadow and all
  • Deep diving into Karpman’s drama triangle and how that plays out in life – particularly the role of victim and well-meaning helper in the capitalist context
  • Feeling into the collective experience that is going on as oppose to individual experiences
  • How we’re at the apex of worshipping ourselves as individuals

Suzanne also talks about her recent book Sleeping Giants, which provokes further discussion about resilience and an accessing your own sleeping inner giant.

This is a playful yet searching conversation and often it’s difficult to work out just exactly who is interviewing who in this conversation.

I personally found this a wonderfully nourishing conversation and hope you the listener will too.

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