From Womanizer to Healer, an interview with Justine Francisco

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Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Justine Francisco.

About Justine Francisco

Justine is the husband and father of a two-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. He’s a speaker, internet marketing entrepreneur, daily meditator and certified meditation teacher. He currently helps high performing men with families save their marriage so they can still achieve massive financial success without sacrificing the ones they love.

Highlights from today’s show:
  • Justine’s story of going from being a womanizer and hustler to becoming a meditation teacher and mindfulness advocate.
  • Money and what it represents for a man.
  • Masks of masculinity and allowing feminine energy for men.
  • The importance of clarity in an intimate conversation.
  • How to enroll your loved one into your health mission?
  • Did your wife pay for coaching? What was your perspective as someone who’s paying for it?
  • Mindfulness from the male perspective
Show Notes:

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Connect with Justine online:

IG @justine_francisco

FB: Justine Francisco

Justine’s website

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