Episode 689: Open Space 90: Could We Drill for Life on Mars? And More...

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In this week's live questions show, I answer questions about drilling for microbes on Mars, missions that could survive the surface of Venus, and if anyone else is dissatisfied with the Big Bang.

00:00 Start
04:18 Any updates on the Chinese mission to Mars?
05:41 How many exoplanets are confirmed?
07:18 Can any rovers drill for microbes?
10:31 Any ways to survive the surface of Venus?
13:10 How do you know if an exoplanet has cleared its path?
15:31 Is anyone dissatisfied with the Big Bang?
19:50 Favorite solution to Planet 9?
21:48 When did I start getting interested in space?
22:55 How likely is the Venus phosphine abiotic?
27:45 How intense is the radiation field at Jupiter?
28:54 Will I ever stream video games?
34:03 Could we detect planets in the Magellanic Clouds
36:13 Would would life be like near a black hole?
38:40 How many launches have I seen?
41:50 Is quantum mechanics a big hoax?
42:35 Good targets for astrophotography?
44:04 Raised by Wolves?
45:02 Are we living in a black hole?
45:31 When will there be lunar tourism?
45:60 Have I read Artemis?
47:20 Is the Universe computable?
47:41 How can the Universe expand faster than the speed of light?
50:00 Why is the Moon drifting away from us?
52:00 Do we know how fast the Universe is expanding?
53:17 Do Mercury and Venus pass in front of the Sun?
54:35 Most significant scientific advance in the last 20 years?
55:43 Is the expansion rate different in the Universe?
58:10 Will we screw up the climate permanently?
59:43 Wrap up

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