PJ LeDorze, Senior Engineering Recruiter

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LINKEDIN - NBC REPORT Seattle fan PJ LeDorze gave his Sherman jersey to 13-year-old Austin after the boy and his father, Tim McElravy, both die-hard Packers fans, were in the stands surrounded by jubilant Seahawks fans after Seattle beat Green Bay 28-22 to advance to the Super Bowl, NBC station KING 5 reported. "At the end of the game my son congratulated him on a great game and PJ took off his Sherman Super Bowl Jersey and GAVE it to my son. We were moved to tears," Tim McElravy wrote to the station in a bid to connect with LeDorze. LeDorze told NBC News that Sherman’s people reached out to him Tuesday with the offer of a swag bag of fan gear. The 35-year-old corporate recruiter for Amazon, who rides horses competitively in his spare time, described himself as "just an average guy" but said he was overwhelmed by the attention his act has received. He was at the game with his cousin, who has two season tickets, and had been chatting up the McElravys throughout the game. When Austin gave him a hug after the win, "it really moved me," LeDorze said.

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