Imprisoned Souls | A Conversation With Dave Spinks

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What started as a fun fishing trip with his grandfather quickly turned into one of the most traumatic experiences of Dave Spinks's life. When hearing loud boulders being thrown into the river, Dave and His grandfather investigated; what they witnessed inflicted profound fear into them both. As they fled for safety, his grandfather asked Dave never to repeat what they experienced. Today we hear about that experience and so much more on The Grave Talks.
  • When you pick up an EVP, do you think the other side had the intention of being heard?
  • How did military life square up with being a ghost hunter?
  • Is there ever a way to help a living soul recover when it feels like they are no longer human?
  • How often does Dave feel that demons or possessions play a part in the people he once guarded in the prison system?
  • After a prison is decommissioned, is there ever a way to use the facility for anything else? Or is it so stained with the negative emotions that its residents made on it?
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