Distinctions Abolished

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Romans 3:29-31 — There are groups of people from different religions who join to worship together, claiming that they all worship the same God. But Paul states emphatically that there is indeed only one God and that there is only one way to receive salvation. Those who have different religions and different means to God are completely wrong. When the Jews claim that they are God’s chosen people, Paul refutes this by saying that the Lord Jesus is a God for all. The people who will receive salvation are those that believe in Christ, no matter if they are Jew and Gentile. There is now equal opportunity because Christ has broken down all partitions between the Jews and Gentiles. In the sermon “Distinctions Abolished” from Romans 3:29–31, Dr. Lloyd-Jones warns against those who think that they are saved because their parents are saved, or that the gospel is only for a select few, or that all religions worship the same God. All will be held accountable to the one true and living God.

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