Justification Explained

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Romans 3:20 — Imagine that a person was on trial for a crime that they had committed. The odds are all stacked against them and they were pronounced guilty. The law rightly condemns them as guilty. However, when the judge is set to announce the punishment, the judge says that they are free. This is how Paul explains justification. It is a legal term and a declaration that Christ no longer condemns the sinner and now regards them as righteous. In this sermon from Romans 3:20 titled “Justification Explained,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains that it is not that Christians are righteous; it is a removal of sin and a pronouncement from the Lord that He considers them righteous. Paul understands that the Jews had fallen into a trap, thinking that they were able to be justified by the law that they were given. However, God gave the law to show how truly sinful everyone is and how they are in need of a Savior. Dr. Lloyd-Jones further illustrates how the word justification is used throughout Scripture and how the Roman Catholics defined the word. He makes interesting points of how the modern day Christian generally does not understand the definition of many key words used throughout Scripture. Dr. Lloyd-Jones also examines the difference between justification and sanctification.

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