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Welcome to the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast. This is a bit of a different style episode. A couple of months ago there was big news about PornHub. Visa and Mastercard dropped them for apparently hosting child pornography PornHub removed ten million videos. I decided to have a couple of people on to discuss whether or not porn and sex work is dangerous, harmful, and addictive or whether it’s a natural thing that should be decriminalized and even encouraged. I had no idea there is a war going on between pro-porn and anti-porn people and this PornHub case shed a lot of light on that. I thought it would be nice to see opposing views on a controversial topic given the fact that we are usually isolated from opposing views, which is causing serious problems at the moment.

I spoke first with Haley McNamara, VP at the National Centre for Sexual Exploitation. Haley’s nonprofit is largely responsible for bringing this issue with PornHub and child pornography into the public eye and getting over ten million videos for unverified users removed in September 2020.

The second half of the episode is with Dr. Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist who researches human sexual behavior, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response. She’s also the founder of Libros LLC, an independent research institute.

These people have pretty much completely opposing views, so it was a very interesting contrast of conversations. This is the first episode like this. Let me know if you find this opposing viewpoint type of podcast interesting, I may do more of these episodes.


This episode was sponsored by Ground News. They are a Canadian company that is a comparison platform for news. So, rather than trying to find an unbiased news source (which is pretty much impossible), Ground news compares how sources from across the political spectrum are covering a story so you can see whether or how an outlet is changing the story to fit an underlying narrative. They have an app called Ground News for your phone. Ground News is an apolitical news app that you can trust to give you all the details of a story regardless of your political ideology. You can download the app or visit www.ground.news


Find more of Haley McNamara on her Twitter @HaleyMcNamara and on her organization's Twitter @ncose website endsexualexploitation.org

Find more of Nicole Prause through her Twitter @NicoleRPrause, and her LLC website Liberoscenter.com

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