Bin Laden Was Already Dead with Nick Turner

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We're getting political this week, honey! Comedian and podcast host Nick Turner is a true believer in a theory so controversial, it got Trump banned from Twitter and fired from being president (not actually). Nick's done some history research, and he thinks notorious terrorist leader and tape enjoyer Osama Bin Laden was not actually killed in the 2011 raid on a compound in Abbottabad. No, Bin Laden actually died of natural causes and then his body was schlepped around the Middle East for a decade until the US could finally make use of it. So is Kathryn Bigelow a liar? Were Obama and Clinton just watching someone play a video game in that notorious picture? Is Seal Team 6 just six guys? Could the government be... deceiving us?!?!!? The answers to those questions and more are all in this episode.

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