Hamilton Morris: Pharmaceuticals and Psychoactives

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Hamilton Morris and Mikhaila Peterson discuss Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’s newly released season 3. Mikhaila asks Hamilton about her personal experiences with MDMA and SSRIs… They also talk about Xenon gas and its applications, Iboga ceremonies, Ambien’s very strange positive reaction for the rare individual with brain injuries (not recommended as a cure), why some drugs become illegal while others don’t, and more.

Hamilton Morris is an American journalist, documentarian, chemist, and scientific researcher. He is the creator and director of the television series Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, which just finished its third season. He works extensively with Vice TV and has garnered a reputation as the guy to talk to about mind-altering drugs.

Find more Hamilton Morris on Twitter @hamiltonmorris, Patreon.com with his new self-published chemistry “podcast,” and for more information on psychedelic toads, check out his short rewritten book on 5-MeO-DMT.

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