What Are The Qualities Of A Classical Chinese Medicine Doctor? - Episode 19

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In this episode we explore the defining qualities and mindset of a Classical Chinese Medicine Doctor.
Talking points include:
- Chinese medical doctors take a holistic approach towards life. This includes taking a multitude of factors into account when treating patients, such as different dimensions and the qualities of each individual person.
- The environment we grow up in plays a huge part in our development and can structure how our judgement affects ourselves and others.
- Life is not linear, and by transcending this 3D world you can substantially improve your own health and also help those around you.
- Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow, and no matter your profession or job, or where you come from, everyone has the ability to live in line with the flow and live a peaceful, fulfilling and happy life.
Thanks so much for listening, we hope it serves you well.
Love CCMS.

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