64. Cancel Culture | Shane Gillis, Matt McCusker & Mikhaila Peterson

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Comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis of Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast join Mikhaila Peterson to crack jokes, answer fan questions, and discuss cancel culture, Salt life™, Saturday Night Live, the power of media journalists, “inappropriate content”, being misquoted, and much more. The boys and Mikhaila bring some much-needed humor to many of the problems surrounding lockdowns, cancel culture and political correctness that has some of us very concerned.

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Show Notes: [2:30] Matt and Shanes background [5:00] Dick sirens [5:30] Quitting Porn [8:00] #saltlife [10:00] Meeting each other and starting a podcast [16:00] 1776 life [17:30] Getting canceled from SNL [22:30] Dealing with trauma from cancel culture [24:00] Being misquoted from journalists [28:00] Lady beef with the London Times [30:00] When the comedy scene got politicized [36:00] Did cancel culture change your comedy? [45:30] Experiences with COVID-19 [52:30] Thoughts on the economy bouncing back [54:00] Curfews and Lockdowns [1:00:00] Why are Matt and Shane funny? [1:02:00] Where to find Matt and Shane [1:03:00] Increasing the trait Conscientiousness

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