Talking Credit Podcast 14: Dan talks to Chis Sanders from Chris Sanders Consulting and Head of Accreditation at CICMQ

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Chris joined us back in July last year where he spoke to us about his work with the CICMQ and the playbook that he'd written that discusses the credit industry during the pandemic. 8 months on, Chris speaks to Dan about the latest playbook, which is now on its 5th edition and what has happened within the industry over the last 12 months.
Dan and Chris focused on the top 6 issues, that were deemed to be the most important issues that credit professionals wanted to focus on this year. These were:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Wellbeing – Flexible working
  • Nurturing a high performing team
  • Create a ‘Credit Aware’ Organisation
  • Manage Remotely
  • Finally, Have fun!

They also take a look at what the future may hold for the credit industry and credit professionals going forward.
This episode is jam-packed full of both interesting and fun content, making it a must-listen for all those who work within the credit industry.

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