#28 Serial Killer Conspiracies: Son of Sam Cult

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Hi creepy cats, welcome back! In the second Serial Killer Conspiracies episode, Jackie is telling Melissa about the Son of Sam Killings that had New York on edge for over a year in the 1970's. Although David Berkowitz has been convicted for the killings, author Maury Terry believed that there was a group of people behind the murders and his investigation left us shook!! Let us know if you agree with Maury Terry's thoughts on this notorious case!

Ultimate Evil : The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam and Beyond, January 1, 1999, by Maury Terry

Ritualistic Sacrifice and the Son of Sam: Satanic Worship in America’s Greatest Forgotten Garden, By Megan Roberts, October 29, 2013, Atlas Obscura


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