THAW (w/Neil Gaiman)

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“I never saw a sun so bright as on that day…”

Season Two of the podcast Indiewire calls "a case study in artistic drive" opens with a word of power, this spring especially, as the world anxiously, hopefully starts to open back up again.

SANDMAN and AMERICAN GODS author Neil Gaiman on the on the strange comfort of scary (fictional) places and of having your whole year’s schedule cancelled by COVID. Short fiction by Jason Gots about finding Joy on the map and deciding not to stay there. And a father-son musical collaboration.

Special thanks to Jenny Doh for the word of the episode, to my 13 year old son Emre Gots for the song of the episode (the main guitar part is all him) and for the theme song. And to Nathan Gelgud for the episode art.

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