Podcast 141 - The Laptop Recruiter Business Owner Life - Real or Myth - 10 Years Evidence

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The Laptop Recruiter Business Owner Life - Real or Myth - 10 Years Evidence Laptop Recruitment. Is it possible?⁣ This is actually something that I started probably 8 or 9 years ago. When I quit the corporate world and started this life, I didn't have a mentor. There's no one out there who built systems or did some mapping for me. It was difficult and I had so many reasons to give up. But somewhere in my mind, I said ""no"". There's no way I'm going to work for the man and work in an office and do the commuting. So, I created this life for myself. And in this video, I'm going to share with you how I did it. Is Laptop Recruitment possible or is it just a myth? The Laptop Lifestyle was, for me, the ability to earn a lot more than I was earning, while working in the corporate world, by working a lot less. We are in a world whereby pretty much everything is online. And I am not saying that the Laptop Recruiter Model is like hitting a big red button and then you get a business from doing nothing to $100k, $100K to $500K, $500K to $1M. No! What I'm saying is, if you come from a traditional model there are a lot of opportunities out there that you are missing. Join the group here The Laptop Recruiter™ Let me know if you have any questions, by commenting below, or slide me a DM!

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