EP 139 — Dr. Cliff Oliver: What is Medicine?

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Get ready for a trip in the wayback machine and some music as Paul talks to one of his mentors, Dr. Cliff Oliver, who helped him create the CHEK Institute’s Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program this week on Living 4D.

Learn more about Cliff and his work in medicine at The Center for Balance website. Just for Living 4D listeners: Mention that you listened to this podcast and you can save 20 percent on a one-hour consultation with him.

Sample some of Cliff beautiful photography at Creative Surf Photography La Jolla, and check his work out on social media on Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Paul and Cliff share their love and music with you. (11:03)
  • Why the wounded doctors are the best ones. (26:43)
  • True medicine is healing. (41:24)
  • How 5G tech may affect your health, and you don’t even know it. (55:40)
  • Are you addicted to digital media? (1:10:17)
  • “Cleaning up the environment is a non-debate.” (1:23:34)
  • Functional medicine has become more accurate. (1:38:30)
  • Can listening to music on a mobile phone weaken you? (1:51:20)
  • Have you tried holotropic breathwork? (2:03:24)
  • Experiencing ketamine. (2:14:17)
  • Paul shares a death experience. (2:27:49)
  • “Celebrate what’s right with the world.” (2:39:39)


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