The Mess of Oil and Gas Drilling in New Mexico

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New Mexico is in a battle to escape the powerful grip of the oil and gas industry. For nearly a century, the oil and gas industry’s influence on New Mexico has ranged from the education system to elected officials to issues of water and air quality. New Mexico has long been an oil and gas colony - and oil and gas is one of the top polluters in the world. New Mexico's oil and gas industry has promised good-paying jobs and economic growth while leaving behind broken and polluted communities and massive environmental damage. New Mexico taxpayers will have to pay the bill for all of this. How can New Mexico escape the grasp of the oil and gas industry and move forward to an equitable, clean and prosperous energy future? Jim O'Donnell talks with Megan Milliken Biven, an energy policy expert and the founder of True Transition, an organization devoted to employing oil and gas workers to address the country's mounting abandoned oil and gas well crisis. This episode was recorded at the studios of Taos Sound and Media in Taos, New Mexico on March 3, 2021. Produced by Jim O'Donnell. Recorded and edited by Brett Tomadin of Taos Sound and Media ( Links in this episode: Please support this podcast with a small donation:

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