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Mark Given

The definition of Trust defined is - a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. As a business owner your mission is to have your clients trust you.

Mark Given today says gaining trust is an art and science and he’ll give us insight to how to achieve it with our potential clients.

Mark's Bio

Mark Given is Founder of the Trust Based Philosophy and the Trust Based Academy and is grateful to be an Amazon #1 Best- Selling Author of 9 books.

Mark is a regular guest authority on national and international podcasts and radio shows from Hong Kong to London on building, maintaining and repairing TRUST and in the last 15 years, he has spoken or taught at more than 1200 programs and events and another hundred or so virtual programs for sales and service companies, leadership teams, large and small companies, associations, hotels, HR experts, colleges, real estate companies and associations, and state and local governments.

His FREE weekly blog, Mark’s Minute, is read by thousands of people across the world every Wednesday and Mark invites you to sign up for it too...

We are thrilled to have him with us today, so please join with me in giving a warm welcome to our special guest and Trust, Sales and Relationship authority...Mark Given

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Mark's Books Trust Based Leadership-Proven Ways to Stop Managing and Start Leading Trust Based Selling-Proven Ways to Stop Selling and Start Attracting Trust Based Success-Proven Ways to Stop Stressing and Start Living Trust Based Time Management & Productivity-Proven Ways to Stop Dawdling and Start Achieving Trust Based Networking-Proven Ways to Stop Meeting and Start Connecting

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A free chapter of my newest book: Trust Based Time Management & Productivity And: His weekly Mark's Minute message

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