The Mic is Mightier than the Sword | Bishop T.D. Jakes & Tony Robbins in candid conversation

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Known as America’s Best Preacher, Bishop T.D. Jakes shares with Tony how you can become a great orator. Combining passion with power, instinct and intellect, Jakes creates a recipe that you can follow to have your message touch hearts and souls and change the world. This dynamic conversation with Tony and T.D. will touch your heart, make you laugh, and teach you wisdom you can use in your daily life. Interested in hearing more from Bishop T.D. Jakes? Listen to past episodes where he took part on the Tony Robbins podcast here.

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Show Notes:

1:17 Tony welcomes T.D. Jakes

2:17 TR: Why this book, why now, why Frank Thomas?

3:30 Don’t drop the mic: the power of communication

4:13 TR: Tell us the story of you watching the news with your father

4:54 A man of color speaking on the TV was very, very rare

5:30 Dr. King grabbed the mic

6:17 Talk to people outside your bubble

7:20 Dr. Thomas challenges me to explain how I do what I do

8:20 “Great communication isn’t just tangible”

9:38 TR: What part of Martin Luther King have you embodied or has become a part of you?

10:27 Church was about more than just faith for the African American community

12:52 What you don’t know can be expensive

14:11 TR tells story about being abroad

15:20 Different types of poor

16:20 If we can share blood, we can share conversation

17:31 TR: What do you see is the purpose of communication?

18:45 Respect and communication

19:20 Whatever we respect, we give time to

20:40 The book is just as much about listening as it is about speaking

22:00 Some of the greatest breakthroughs come from the bellman

23:00 Aligned interests = trust, but not respect

24:05 TR: What is presence to you?

25:24 It’s difficult to trust people who want power without investment

27:45 T.D. Jakes on his ancestors

30:14 TR: What is the value of suffering?

32:30 “When they march, they should sing”

33:50 TR: The unification of suffering

35:30 TR: Psychological immunity

37:16 TR: What’s a situation when you fell flat?

40:00 TR: How have you had to adapt to be more effective without an audience there?

41:48 The pandemic created a vortex, and so faith became tangible

44:30 On avoiding criticism

45:30 TR: How can you deal with the fear of public speaking?

46:48 T.D. Jakes: Talk to yourself

48:20 We label to file people away

51:35 TR: Where is love in the magic of your power?

52:30 Nike’s synergism

54:25 Car wreck, do you want me to call the police or the ambulance?

59:22 When I don’t have the ability to articulate what I need, I can only be angry

1:01:55 "We don't treat the successful because we believe success cures personal pain and it doesn't always do that."

1:04:38 TR: How important is drama for someone to be effective as a communicator?

1:06:10 Example: Floyd cried out for his mother. Every woman identified

1:08:50 Adornment

1:10:40 Sweeping dirt floors

1:11:50 TR: What makes someone a great storyteller?

1:12:30 Bible story: Bartimaeus

1:15:30 TR: How do you know when to go off script?

1:18:38 “You have to engage intellect and instinct”

1:24:30 We were chosen to have this conversation while the clock is ticking

1:25:53 TR: What are the most important things to guide someone to not drop the mic?

1:28:18 "Diversity invites me to the party. Inclusion asks me to dance."

1:34:20 "If I didn't change the world, I changed somebody's world. If I can change somebody's world, then to them, I changed the world."

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