Ep #578 - Leveraging your superpowers for investing in multifamily

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Megan Lamke was over $500,000 in debt and leveraged her superpowers to get debt free within 5 years. She shared her expertise with syndicators and was able to get written into the general partnership of deals she was involved with. Megan currently holds over 2000 doors and half a billion dollars in assets.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Discovering your superpowers
  • Investing in your tech stack
  • All in one vs fractional tech stack
  • Using automation
  • Client acquisition
  • Providing a great investor experience
  • Creating reach
  • The value of targeted messaging
  • Happily achieving
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis

To find out more about our guest:https://meganlamke.com/

To find out more about partnering or investing in a multifamily deal: Text Partner to 72345 or email Partner@RodKhleif.com

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