Purina Pro Plan Series: Pet Food Myths and Misconceptions with Dr. RuthAnn Lobos

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In the second collaborative effort between Orvis and Purina Pro Plan, Reid chats with Veterinarian RuthAnn Lobos about the myths and misconceptions that surround the pet food industry. RuthAnn is a dog owner, upland hunter, and Lead Veterinarian for Merrick Pet Care. Prior to her role at Merrick she spent 15 years with Purina Pro Plan, working closely with veterinary and scientific thought leaders to promote research into canine and feline nutritional science. Dr. Lobos calls addresses a list of common ideas about pet food, some true and some misguided. She also provides the following resources for additional reading:

o https://wsava.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Selecting-a-pet-food-for-your-pet-updated-2021_WSAVA-Global-Nutrition-Toolkit.pdf

o https://acvn.org/

o https://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/petfoodology/

o https://www.petdiets.com/

o https://secure.balanceit.com/index.php

o https://www.merrickpetcare.com/blog/getting-to-know-dr-ruthann-lobos/

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