Joseph D. Khoury, MD, FCAP - Visualizing Progress for TP53-Mutant AML: A Pathology-Guided Journey Through Diagnostic Principles and Modern Treatment

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Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. In this activity, an expert pathologist discusses the prognostic relevance of TP53 mutations, current diagnostic tools and principles for capturing TP53-mutated acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and new developments with innovative therapy for TP53-mutated AML. Upon completion of this accredited CE activity, participants should be better able to: Identify the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications of TP53-mutant AML, Recommend appropriate molecular/pathology testing to establish diagnosis of TP53-mutant AML in order to inform the evidence-based selection of treatment, Summarize evidence on the use of novel antibody and targeted options for the management of TP53-mutant AML.

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