Creating A Sustainable Doula Business With Jessica English

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If you listen to this show, you’re probably already very familiar with what doulas do. But you’re probably just as unfamiliar as I was about the variety of business structures available for doulas. I wasn’t aware of any other options except for 1-1 service!

And if you’re a doula yourself, you’re probably focused on growing your 1-1 service. But have you ever stopped to think about a long-term vision for your business? Have you ever considered how you’ll serve more people when you can’t take on any more births?

This is why I’m excited for you to hear from Jessica English in episode 197 of The Business Of Being Well. Jessica is a seasoned doula, a childbirth instructor, a doula business mentor and she also runs a busy doula agency. Jessica brings years of experience in the birthing industry, and her knowledge of both birth and business is an amazing gift. Come soak up all the knowledge that Jessica brings in this episode.


  • How Jessica fills all of her roles while also supporting laboring parents
  • The different business structures for a doula business
  • What Jessica would change in the doula realm if she could change anything
  • What makes a doula agency successful
  • Why investing the time to create a culture, community, and trust when onboarding a new team member is so important
  • The importance of self care and how to resource yourself

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