UFOs Aliens and US CONGRESS? The HARDEST Part of the Story with Caroline Cory on Gods Among Us

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We’re not alone! ET’s are closer than you think! We've seen footage of UFO sightings and read the UFO Reports, so how do we contact and connect with extra-terrestrial life? If you’ve ever wondered about UFOs, Aliens, or whether we’re truly alone in the universe then do we have the Gods Among Us show for you.

In this episode I talk with Caroline Corey, Director and Producer of award-winning film Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible on declassified information released by the Pentagon on UFOs, connecting to ETs and the one thing that connects us ALL as human beings, extraterrestrial life and the cosmos entirely.

That is just what I want to talk with her about today about the latest report from congress, UFOs and ETs and whether or not there truly are aliens in our midst. Plus we’ll talk about crop circles, UAPs in San Diego, hybrids and DNA, Reptilian and pleiadians, pyramids in Mars, and what in the world Joshua Tree sightings has to do with anything!

Tune into this episode as it’s truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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