RHYTHM (w/Bia Labate)

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From the reassuring sound of our mother's heartbeat to our last breath, our lives are bounded by rhythm. In music, poetry, meditation, and prayer, rhythm is the trance that lets the spirit fly. In grounding us, it can free us. And it can sometimes become a dangerous drug, lulling us to sleep.

In this episode Jason talks with anthropologist Bia Labate of Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines about the rhythms of ancient indigenous life and of life in the global north as they relate to the use of psychedelics for emotional and spiritual healing. There's a story by Jason about two brothers whose lives are out of sync. And a father-son musical collaboration (the second one this season) about rhythm as a refuge from doubt and self-destruction.

Special thanks to Nicole Reed Caskey for the word of the episode, to Adil Sadak for the song production, to Emre Gots for the song of the episode (to which Jason added lyrics and vocals), and for the Clever Creature theme song, and to Nathan Gelgud for the episode art.

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