Episode 14: Advancing Your Career Through Business Technology with Joe McKendrick, Analyst for Forbes Insights

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The past 18 months have shaken the business world and its workplaces to the core. How long will some of these changes stay in place, and what will the impact be? These are just some of the questions that today’s guest, Joe McKendrick, answers on the show. Joe is an author, independent researcher, and speaker, exploring innovation, information technology, trends, and markets, and he currently works as an analyst for Forbes. In this episode, we talk about remote work and other workplace changes that have occurred due to the pandemic. Although working remotely is great, there are certainly drawbacks, as Joe points out. Our conversation also touches on the value of leveraging social media to connect, how the pandemic has impacted the process of looking for jobs, and what executives need to keep in mind as we enter the post-pandemic boom. Tune in to hear it all!
See www.tjfcareercoach.com/episodes for Joe's full bio and resources mentioned in the episode. You can also book a career coaching session or resume critique through the site.

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