Pet Pix Academy with Vasi Siedman

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In our first crossover episode - Vasi Siedman comes onto Peace Love and Bring a Bat in the same week Uncle Dave goes onto Vasi's Top 10 podcast "Pet Pix Academy" to discuss life through the life lens.

Vasi's is one of Florida premier photographers AND the entertaining host of her own podcast, Pet Pix Academy. Today's discussion will be about how life can be seen through the lens of any camera but you need to experience it fully by showing up. Its not the camera that matters but the perspective of the person pushing the button.

Vasi will discuss her travels from her home country of Bulgaria to Florida and learning that the memories and people you meet along the way make the journey so much more enjoyable.

You can connect with Vasi a number of ways - through facebook on her personal page or the group Pet Pix Academy page in addition through her podcast.

I would enjoy hearing from you if you would like to connect you can find me, Uncle Dave through my website on most social media as David Chametzky (facebook page for Peace, Love and Bring a Bat), twitter as @goofyjaam or just drop an email:

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