King of Long Island, Red Dot Master and the LaunchDad

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Here ye, Here ye!!

Today's guest is George Andriopoulos who at one time was chosen King of Long Island (King George has a ring to it) and has made a career of being a management consultant (CEO of Launchpad 516), as well as a successful Leadership Academy (the Leadership Experience) and somehow finds time to balance clients, home life (wife including 3 children) and a successful podcast - The Launchcast. This Launchdad comes on and shares his leadership philisophy and explaining what Peace, Love and Bring a bat means to him.

George has given 3 Tedx speeches as well as been the Executive Producer of other 3 Tedx events. He is an award winning consultant, keynote speaker, philanthopist and his most important job is that of being Launchdad and Launchhusband.

All Hail the George!

You can find George all over social media but especially at the places below: @launchpadceo On all social media platforms The Launchcast podcast

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