Book Commentary: Trusting the Gold, Uncovering Your Natural Goodness by Tara Brach

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#053 Tara Brach is a best-selling author, a psychologist and meditation teacher who focuses on helping others overcome the feeling of not being enough or, as she calls it, “the trance of unworthiness.” She also shares her teachings and meditations with her students online and through workshops as well as at the Insight Meditation Community in Washington DC, which she founded in 1998.

Last month, Tara’s latest book, Trusting the Gold, Uncovering Your Natural Goodness, was published. The book opens with the story of a golden buddha that was hidden in plain sight for centuries, covered in plaster to deter thieves. But the gold remained – hence the title and theme of the book – which is about our true nature (the gold) and how, even though we cover that gold for protection from society, culture and even ourselves, the gold never fades.

The book is constructed into three pathways or lenses of Truth, Love and Freedom, the basic teachings of the Buddha to awaken us to our true nature.

  • Truth is about being present in our experience, meaning opening to life just as it is instead of what we want it to be.
  • Love is about tapping into our capacity to meet any circumstance with tenderness and understanding.
  • Freedom is the byproduct of the other two pathways. Once we can stand in truth and respond with love, we find freedom in our true nature.

I found Trusting the Gold to be an uplifting reminder of what matters most in life. So much so that I’d like to share some of the main concepts because I think you’d enjoy it as well.

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