Scottie Barnes, Franz Wagner and Keon Johnson Film Review w/ Will DeBerg

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On today’s pod, Will DeBerg (University of St. Thomas assistant coach) joins the show to do another film review of another trio of prospects — Scottie Barnes (Florida State), Franz Wagner (Michigan) and Keon Johnson (Tennessee). How we graded theses prospects and whether or not we see any of them having a case for cracking the top-5 of this draft class.

  • With Barnes, an elite defensive prospect, what is his best position offensively? And how might his lack of shooting hold down his ceiling?
  • Will Wagner’s defensive impact at the college level translate to the NBA game?
  • Why Wagner isn’t at all your typical euro prospect who can shoot but can’t defend
  • Johnson might be the best athlete of the class, but how will that translate to the NBA. How high can a team justify drafting him given the question marks in his game?

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