Ep.135 - Biz Markie, Afro-England & OLYMPICS GASS

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In a week where:

  1. Germany, The Netherlands & Belgium suffer from large flooding, killing hundreds.
  2. After rock bottom viewership, GB News gets Nigel Farage on board.
  3. The US has nearly 80 wildfires happening right now.
  4. The UK has rising cases of Norovirus.
  5. The Milwaukee Bucks win their 2nd NBA Championship. Their first since 1971.

In Music: (8:33) We pay homage to Biz Markie who died aged 57, using a piece from a journalist that grew up and saw Biz' hey day first-hand.

In Film/TV: (20:42) There was a time where American women went to the UK in order to succeed in their creative endeavours. Now, it's the other way around. British Female creatives are flocking to the US in order to prosper.

In Life: (33:40) There's an African Renaissance going on in England right now. And whilst it's great to see, it comes at the cost of battling centuries of stereotypes that are still just under the surface, waiting to burst.

Lastly, in Sports: (50:20) After a year of waiting. I can FINALLY GASS THE OLYMPICS. I go through every sport, saying which ones I'm going to watch and what sports you may want to peep if you're up for peeping some sports you never would if it wasn't for the Olympics.

Thank you for listening! If you want to contribute to the show, whether it be sending me questions or voicing your opinion in any way, peep the contact links below and I'll respond accordingly. Let me know "What's Good?"

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Interlude - "Charismatic" By NappyHigh
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