Niching Down with Reese Harper of Elements

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Tune in to hear:

- Reese Harper has an advisory business, Dentist Advisors, that is exclusively for dentists. How did he take the first step to say no to everything else and how did choosing such a specific niche serve him well?

- How did he land on dentists, in particular, as his niche?

- Why do dentists, on average, retire 6 years later than their fellow Americans when they make 4x as much as the average American?

- Dentists and Financial Advisors have the highest rates of suicide of any profession. What role does an advisor have in protecting and safeguarding the holistic wellness of their clients?

- What is the most common contentious points for couples’ financial discussions?

- What is the most unique & valuable element in Reese’s new mobile finance tool, Elements?

- How can you use Elements to improve client behavior?

Compliance Code: 2055-OAS-7/20/2021

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