Overcoming Professional Burnout

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AS A HIGH-ACHIEVER, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BURNED OUT? If you have been (or currently are) burned out, today’s guest shares how she got the career of a lifetime only to discover it was killing her… and how she overcame burnout WITHOUT using any medications!
15:01 The biggest decision you'll make in life is not WHAT you're going to do, but with your choice of life partner.
17:30 What's the important difference between running away and giving yourself space to clear the fog?
24:00 How am I going to deal with this issue?
27:37 Depressed? Here's another great case for the benefits of exercise.
30:05 Overwhelmed or burned out?
43:51 HIIT works! (to combat depression, anxiety, stress)
45:27 The common denominator in all your interactions is...

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